Delivering software solutions for embedded with the power of Linux operating system

Why Linux?


Linux is completely free of charge and available online.

Robust features

It's a multi-function operating system that is reliable for mission critical applications.

Supports RT requirements

Linux can be easily configured as proven RTOS.

Tested in millions of devices

It's everywhere: it runs on Internet servers, smartphones, TVs and much more.

Trivial to customize

You can choose and quickly enable features your application needs.

Assists AMP

Linux can cooperate with other OS (FreeRTOS, eCos, SYS/BIOS) running on a separate core of the same CPU.


Grzegorz Heldt

Software Architect & Linux expert

Kuba Sejdak

Software Engineer & C++ expert

Our services

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Board support

We can provide whole custom-tailored Linux for your specific hardware.

Yocto integration

If you already use Yocto, we can create additional layers or expand existing ones.

Application development

Do you need software engineers? Just provide idea and requirements, we will deliver whole solution.

Continous Integration

We can enrich your CI with capabilities of building and testing of Embedded Linux projects.

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